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3 Doors Down

3 Convenient Locations


Waterford, MI

Traverse City, MI

Bay City, MI


Hours of Operation

Monday- Friday 10-9

Saturday 10-8

Sunday 11-6


We offer discounts for:


 Students - 10%

  Veterans - 10%

Active Military - 10%

  Birthday- 25%


    Also, Don't Miss Our Annual Sales on:

    4/20 & 7/10!!

The legendary 3 Doors Down head shop was originally opened in Pontiac, Michigan in 1973 by John Cox.  John opened his shop just "3 doors down" from the end of the plaza and from that point on, the shop became known as “3 doors down”, a name that stuck!  3 Doors Down was a frequent stop for all the Dead Heads in the 1970's on their way to concerts.  At 3 Doors Down became the spot to score Grateful Dead bootlegs for only a dollar!


In August of 2010, 3 Doors Down was reopened in Waterford, MI.  Later that year, a second head shop was opened in Traverse City, MI and a third head shop was opened in Bay City, MI in 2011.


Today 3 Doors Down is owned by Jason Tenjaras and Wes. We are known locally and throughout Michigan for our wide variety of smoking accessories and Michigan made products.  Unlike many other head shops, we also offer a wide variety of novelty items.  These include, but are not limited to, incense, tapestries, frisbee discs, apparel, hats, games, books, magazines, body lotions, oils, lock boxes and much more!!


80% of the glass sold at our head shops are made right here in Michigan.  When it comes to glass, we have something for everyone!  We carry a large variety of wood, metal, marble, stone and glass pipes, starting at around $10 in price.  Each location also has a collection of heady glass from both local and famous glass blowers such as Cowboy, Snic, Raggae Rick, Jeremy Ross, and Ken Targal. We also carry over 100 types of papers and blunt wraps along with a nice array of vaporizers.


3 Doors Down supports local business and we are always interested in taking a look at your work!!!  We invite all local artists to bring in any handmade goods that they have created and would like to put up for sale.  Show off your art and it's possible that you will sell some on the spot!


Hand made items vary in each store, however, we may have various hand blown glass pipes, hand made salves, lip balms, muscle rubs, petosky stone pipes, wood pipes, limited jewlery and much more.


3 Doors Down also carries Discraft!  Michigan is home to a staggering 286 disc golf courses.  Discraft, a Wixom based company, started in the late 1970's with a goal of improving the quality of discs.  Discraft discs are designed, molded, and shipped on site!  You can find these discs, along with Discraft bags, at your local 3 Doors Down head shop.


3 Doors Down continues to grow and be successful thanks to John Cox paving the way for Jason, Wes, and our many loyal customers.

Thank you to all of our customers for your support in Michigan's best head shop.


Keep an ear out for our radio ads on WCCM FM, WCCW AM, and WJZQ FM in the Bay City area.  


Also, be sure to join us everyday at 4:20 on WJZQ for our hemp highlight!

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